Windows do not only enhance the look and personality of your house, but it also filters the noise outside and prevents draft. Therefore, it is essential to choose the type of window you will have for your house. That, of course, requires knowledge the kind of window you need for your home.

This blog will help you understand different window types, and we also recommend some of the best brands for each type.

Casement Style Windows

Casement windows operate like doors as it has hinges on one side and a crank so you can open them outward. Although they are more airtight compared to the double hung type, they provide more ventilation when fully opened; plus, they are much easier to clean.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hungs are characterized an upper outside sash slides down, and a lower inside sash slides up. They are also some of the most popular types of window, especially for those who will install an air conditioning system in their house. Just like the casement style, they are also easy to clean, improve air circulation, and look good for full screens.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-hung windows look similar in design with the double-hung type; however, only the lower sash is movable, and the upper sash is sealed to keep out wind, rain, and snow.

Hopper Style Windows

Hopper style windows have hinges at the bottom and can either be opened inward or outward. They are easy to open because of their pull down lever, and their top lock makes it easy to secure them. They are the perfect window types for the basement.

Awning Style Windows

Awning is the opposite of the hopper style windows. It opens outward from a top hinge and has one panel of glass.

Clerestory Style Windows

These wall types are usually placed in a series along the top part of high walls as they are designed to let natural light come in.

Arched Style Windows

Also called radius windows, they are usually fixed, but modern versions have movable types.

Best Window Brands

Aside from window types, there are also different window brands to choose from. The best brands in the market have received a top star rating because of their durability and attractiveness. That’s because they use high-quality materials and undergo specialized treatments to ensure they last a long time.

Below are three of the best brands in the market:

Andersen Windows

They are considered one of the leading brands in the industry because of the quality of the products they produce. A lot of contractors use Andersen windows not only because of their design and durability but because they also have a comprehensive warranty.

Pella Windows

Pella is another top-of-the-line window brand because of their well-built and aesthetically pleasing windows. Pella is usually well-known for their highly detailed and customized wood windows and their trendy Designer series.


Provia is considered as one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl windows in the United States. Their windows range between the budget friendly and the high-end customized windows.

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